So over the past year, I and a team of folks have been building a public information chatbot about water in Arizona. It’s called the Arizona Water Chatbot, or Waterbot for short. The first article about Waterbot (which is not yet released to the public) is live now! Here’s the […]

New Pre-print!

I’m thrilled to announce the arrival of a new pre-print: “Acceptance of AI-Based Meeting Tools: Psychological Safety as a Foundation for Smart Collaboration.” This paper looks at survey information to assess what factors or characteristics influence acceptance of AI-based meeting tools in the workplace. Here’s a summary of what we […]

New pubs!

I’m very excited to announce two new publications that have recently arrived! The first is “The Potentials and Pitfalls of Computer Visioning and Machine Learning Methods for Communication Researchers,” co-authored with Claire Lauer and Eric Nystrom. This SIGDOC ’23 proceedings paper outlines a multi-year process that we went through to […]