A Book!

Hey! I co-wrote an open-access book!

I’m very pleased that “Text at Scale: Corpus Analysis in Technical Communication” is available for anyone to read, right now, at WAC Clearinghouse: https://wac.colostate.edu/books/tpc/scale/

It’s a book that makes an argument for and demonstrates corpus analysis as a method to help technical communicators: not quite a monograph, not quite a textbook. It could work for methods courses, corpus analysis specialty courses, or for people who just want to know more about this method.

Jason and I wrote this book because we thought it would be helpful, and now that it’s published we hope the same: that it can be helpful. And it’s free! That’s a little bit of helpful right there.

Thanks to WAC Clearinghouse for taking on this unusual text! (I am always trying to do something unusual.) Also, thanks to Jason Swarts for being an excellent co-author and longterm mentor!