Back on the Pod!

I’m thrilled to report that Mercy Harper invited me to talk on the APQC (American Productivity and Quality Center) podcast again! This time I got to talk about the role of artificial intelligence in business communication. I love talking about this stuff.

Here’s a direct link to the pod, but it’s also available everywhere you listen to podcasts.
Shoutout to Kristen Getchell, Peter Cardon, Carolin Fleischmann, Haibing Ma, Jolanta Aritz, and James Stapp for co-authoring the article that this is based on!

Here’s the podcast episode description:

On this podcast, APQC’s Mercy Harper talks with Stephen Carradini, Assistant Professor of Technical Communications at Arizona State University, about how knowledge managers should approach and communicate about AI. Check out the article Stephen coauthored, Artificial Intelligence in Business Communication: The Changing Landscape of Research and Teaching, available now in Business and Professional Communication Quarterly. Additional resources mentioned on this episode include AI Weirdness and the “HP Computers are Racist” video (and HP’s response).  

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