Books of the Year 2022

My reading habits generally include a wide range of things, but this year I was all over the place. In the non-fiction realm, I intentionally did not read as much for work as I usually do. This year was about finishing projects for me, and so I didn’t want to generate more ideas of things […]

Books of the Year 2021

This year I read a wide variety of books. I found a used bookstore near my house that I loved and bought copious (and often unrelated) books from it. The lists below are in roughly chronological order within each genre/category. The big accomplishments this year were going through the first book of Caro’s biography of […]

General Will 2.0: Rousseau, Freud, Google by Hiroki Azuma

General Will 2.0: Rousseau, Freud, Google by Hiroki Azuma (orig. 2011, translated from Japanese in 2014). This book promises to reread scholars of social thought (Rousseau, Freud, Rorty, Nozick) in light of the internet to come to new conclusion about societies and the state in the Internet era. Azuma believes that the ideal deliberative democracy […]

Ficciones by Jorge Luis Borges

I finally read it! I found it deeply compelling. Borges’ intellectual project in this one is to take every idea he is considering to its logical and even illogical extreme to make points about the idea. He critiques “the death of the author” in “Pierre Menard, the Author of the Quixote,” the ability of falsehoods […]

Books of the Year, 2020

I usually read somewhere between 20-26 books a year. This year I read 44 (and abandoned halfway three others not mentioned here) because I had some extra time on my hands. Maybe you did too? I set out to have no theme for my reading this year (a rarity). I spent some time cleaning out […]

10 Books (Some) Explanation

10 Books No Explanation was a fun little Facebook trend. I am vastly in favor of populating Facebook feeds with book covers, so I was happy to oblige. Also, I love books. I’m incapable of the “no explanation” part, but I can at least get the 10 books part right. These ten are chronological from […]

Book Review: You Look Like a Thing and I Love You

You Look Like a Thing and I Love You: How Artificial Intelligence Works and Why It’s Making the World a Weirder Place by Janelle Shane, author of AI Weirdness blog. Talking to experts about tech (really, talking to experts about a lot of things) is an exercise in readjusting expectations about what the tech/thing/field can […]