I presented at two conferences this month! I attended CPTSC in West Chester, Pennsylvania and the ABC International conference in Detroit, Michigan.

At CPTSC, I spoke on “Teaching students to communicate as technical communicators in the interdisciplinary space of social media: Ways forward in interdisciplinary education.” In this talk, I developed a thought experiment about how technical communicators could create resources to teach social media in a way that is distinctive to technical communication. If technical communication speaks in its own voice (and I think that it does), then it should speak in its own voice about social media. This talk was well-received, which was encouraging! I am still considering ways forward for this project in print, and have no immediate plans to get it out the door. (I also got to see one of my old NCSU CRDM colleagues at the talk, which was great.)

At ABC, I presented an “unposter” called “Open Questions about Social Media in Business Communication“. Instead of writing my findings on a study on a poster, I asked people reading the poster to write questions that they had about social media on the poster as a crowdsourcing exercise. People provided 22 open questions about social media, and I am looking to develop this project further in print soon.

I also presented with Matt Baker and Matt Sharp on “The Locations, Programs, and Content of Graduate Education in Business Communication.” This presentation built on a poster that we delivered at the 2018 ABC on the same topic. We have an article on this topic under review at a journal now; I am hopeful that it will be published in 2020.

That’s all the conferencing I’m going to be doing for a long while.