AI Ethics!

For my last talk of the year, I was honored to be invited to the classroom of the ASU Prep Poly Experience. These ASU Prep high school students have been hearing lectures from faculty in the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts all semester about a wide array of topics. I gave a lecture on Ethics in Artificial Intelligence, creatively called: “AI Ethics: Machines Make Potentially Helpful But Often Questionable Decisions, Given the Data They are Trained On.” Don’t make people work for it, that’s what I say.

The students and I had a blast discussing various AI topics, such as scoping, artificial narrow intelligence vs artificial general intelligence, overfitting, underfitting, path dependence, Seinfeld scripts, and Steven Spielberg’s AI. We also took a brief sojourn into whether or not a self-driving car could become sentient and want to transcend its car-ness. (Who can say?) I had a great time, and I am deeply grateful to the fine folks at ASU Prep Poly Experience for letting me talk.