I’m happy to announce that I’m co-editing an edition of Frontiers in Communication on the topic of “Advances in Entrepreneurship and Communication.”

I’m working with a great team of Ryan Miller, Antonio La Sala, Cheng Hong, and Gustavo L. Simao to curate work on the topic.

If you have any work you’re doing on entrepreneurship (especially arts entrepreneurship), I would love to see you submit a piece! More details are available at the Frontiers website.

The last time I worked with an open access journal was way back at NC State at the now-retired Meridian. Given my prior experience with OA, Frontiers impressed me with two initiatives:

Frontiers Institutional Agreements: Many international and some American universities have agreements with Frontiers, where the institution pays all or part of the fees for affiliated researchers. The American universities include my alma mater The University of Oklahoma.

Frontiers Fee Support Program: Authors can apply for a discount if needed, and each request is treated individually. The allocations follow strict criteria and consider every applicant’s profile, including the history of publications, country, field,¬†previous support granted, etc. The criteria for discounts are aligned with the classification of low-, mid-, and high-income countries provided by the World Bank.