Service Learning Project!

This Spring semester, my students in Social Media in the Workplace had the great opportunity to work with the Arizona Site Steward Program Foundation to redevelop a social media plan for the organization. The organization supports the Arizona Site Steward program, which consists of volunteers who monitor and help manage historic sites of archaeological interest in Arizona. ASSPF had a lot of assets that they wanted to turn into a plan, and my students built out a strong plan for them!

It’s always exciting to see my students work on a client project in a service learning mode. This specific project produced energy and excitement in my students; seeing the real opportunities and constraints of social media for an organization put the knowledge we were learning into practice in a distinctive way. That’s no more than the promise of service learning, and the promise made good for my students and me.

Thanks to Arizona Site Stewards Program for trusting my students and I with their time, energy, and hopes for social media!