Literally clicking links

From some correspondence:

I continue to be amazed by the extent to which surfing the internet is part of my thinking process. Literally clicking from link to link, thinking about things, thinking about what I’m writing, thinking about people’s arguments, thinking about how arguments work out in the real world of discussion. It’s part of how I think. I think that if I had been born in the 1700s I would be one of those people who wrote letters to everyone just to get letters back. I think about my things by thinking about other people’s things.

Recently, I was not able to do anything except work (which I call “flat out,” which is some weird idiom from somewhere in my past; I don’t even know where it comes from. Car racing?), and I felt accomplished but sort of washed out at the end. Not even “exhausted”–because I was–but also in a sort of haze, like staring out into a fog and knowing stuff is out there but not being able to go there. This week I have a similar amount to do but I have a little leeway to randomly click things, and I feel more mentally awake.