Curation Essay

So I just posted a long essay about social media platform governance up at the tab that says “Curation Essay“. I argue that one way of thinking about governance is via the intertwined nature of curation and values. I didn’t pitch it to journals because it’s an unusual argument that doesn’t fit neatly into a lot of the places that I would like to see it run. I also didn’t want to change stuff in the editing process for the sake of getting it published, as is the tradeoff I happily accept elsewhere. (I am an editor, so I can say this with certainty and even some pride.) I’ve also been working on it for 2+ years and just finally decided to get it out into the world (with encouragement from Chris Krycho, permanent hypeman for blogs). I have ideas that have come from this that will be more academic stuff, but this one is a pet essay. Enjoy!