Crowdsource TPC

At CPTSC 2019, I discussed ways forward for teachers of social media in technical communication. There are few resources for tech comm social media teachers, and I argued that a centralized place to share materials would be a boon to teachers. Enter Crowdsource TPC, an initiative built by Chris Lam at the University of North Texas. Crowdsource TPC is almost exactly the sort of resource hub I was hoping for/arguing for! People can post their teaching, research, or practice materials on the site for use by other technical communication teachers, researchers, or practitioners. I am thrilled.

I have already contributed all of the materials that I have for my Social Media in the Workplace course, and I look forward to contributing other materials for other courses! I also am redesigning a course right now, and I’ve pulled an assignment from Crowdsource TPC to help me design an assignment that I’ve always wanted but never knew where to start with. (It’s on audience analysis for a website, which is easily adaptable to social media.) I look forward to working with Crowdsource TPC for a long time!