Published at New Media and Society!

I’m thrilled to report that a collaboration between Anya Hommadova Lu and I is Online First at New Media and Society. “Work–game balance: Work interference, social capital, and tactical play in a mobile massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game” is based on data that Anya collected in a 19-month virtual ethnography of the game Lords Mobile.

In it, we argue that the mechanics of the mobile game set players’ in-game assets at constant risk, contributing to the phenomenon of players playing the game during work hours. While some players reported that playing during work hours affected their work activities negatively, others reported that playing did not affect their work. We argue that playing the game in a way that does not conflict with work is a concept called work-game balance, and that players should strive for this type of relationship between work and gaming.

It was a great collaboration that has already produced another article under review; we have plans in place for several more after that one. Congrats to Anya, in particular, as she is the first author.