About Town

I was honored to have three speaking requests in March. I opened the month speaking to the Surge Network on “The Blessings and Curses of Social Media”. I was honored to present to pastors with suggestions on how to approach unhealthy and healthy social media use in their work with parishioners. The talk was recorded; I’ll post the audio and slides when the audio is available.

I then spoke to the entrepreneurs of Hustle PHX about how to create a marketing plan and how to draft a value proposition as part of that marketing plan. The slides from that presentation are at the end of the post. I always have a good time working with Hustle Phoenix, and I look forward to working with them again in the future as a speaker and mentor.

I finished my month speaking with advanced doctoral students in the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication about “How to Have a Professional Social Media Presence and Also Get Things Done.” Having only recently been a graduate student myself, I was very excited to share my expertise and pay it forward from all the support I received as a graduate student. There is video of this presentation too, and I will post that content with slides as soon as the video is online.

I enjoy getting out there and putting my expertise to use for other people, so I had a blast this month. I don’t have any public talks for a while–back to the academic talks for me.