Publishing Update

I’m really thrilled to note that my first article has a full citation now:

Carradini, S. (2018). β€œAn organizational structure of indie rock musicians as displayed by Facebook usage,” Journal of Technical Writing and Communication,48(2), 151–174. doi:10.1177/0047281616667677.

It will soon be joined by an article in press about teaching entrepreneurship communication to artists that is in press! I’m also very excited to note that the Association for Business Communication has been kind enough to give me a grant to work on a big data analysis of Kickstarter writing; I’ll be putting out at least two publications from that in the next year. The first place you can see some of that analysis in action is at the Association for Business Communication conference in Miami; I’ll be headed down there in October to give a presentation on multimodal writing in Kickstarter campaigns. The goal of all that work is to figure out how best to convince people to give you money–it seems like a fairly evergreen concern.

I’m also working on several collaborative projects that are making their way through the process; I’ll be co-presenting a poster at ABC on one of those. Matt Baker and Matt Sharp will be co-presenting with me on data we gathered from a survey on ABC membership about the locations and content of their graduate education. It’s been a lot of fun to work with them and our new research assistant Elise Davidson on this project, and I look forward to presenting on it at ABC.