I’m excited and honored to announce that “An Organizational Structure of Indie Rock Musicians as Displayed by Facebook Usage” has been published at the Journal of Technical Writing and Communication! The abstract is below. This article contains some preliminary findings from my dissertation, which will be done in May 2017. Big thanks are due to JTWC for taking on my work and making it look so good in print.

Indie rock musicians are a group of extra-institutional individuals who play an often-vibrant role in urban economic development. The organizational structure that guides their professional activities has yet to be investigated. Interviews with 18 indie rock musicians provided a way to investigate organizational structure. They reported a build structure featuring the principles of audience development, slow growth, and unevenness. The constraints of the musician’s professional situation require long-term promotion of aesthetic products to a slowly growing audience in a saturated market that produces unevenness through power imbalances. This slow-growing structure contrasts with organizational structures that provide immediate benefits.