Thanks to SAEE!

I was thrilled to present at the Society for Arts Entrepreneurship Educators’ conference this past weekend in Decatur, Illinois. Held at Millikin University, the third annual conference added a research track to its offerings this year, and I am happy to report that my presentation “The Revealing Business Writing Practices of Classical and Indie Rock Musicians” was on that track!

I discussed data that I had gathered during my dissertation about the writing practices of indie rock and classical musician business communication practices. Specifically, my paper interrogated the concept of “communication skills” for arts entrepreneurs, suggesting that we need to think about specific skills instead of an overarching idea of skills. I also partially confirmed William Gartner’s (2015) suggestion that “various forms of artistic practice are organized in different ways,” as indie rock and classical musicians had different some different communication skills that they had to employ to get their work done. I conclude with a call to investigate the specific communication practices of other arts fields, as they may be different than the two fields I studied.

Thanks to SAEE for letting me present my work! It was a great conference.


Over the past week, several online music publications have covered the findings of “An Organizational Structure of Indie Rock Musicians as Displayed by Facebook Usage.” Great thanks to Marc Hogan of Pitchfork, who asked me some very thoughtful questions for a daily news article. (The title of the article is an editor’s doing.)

Thanks also to AltPress, Ultimate Guitar, Metal Hammer (Denmark), Team Rock (Scotland), M Magazine (Britain), (Spain), (Greece), Newsr.In (India),, This Page Will Self Destruct, (re-directs to the Pitchfork article),, and NC State News for coverage as well! It is an honor to have my work discussed in the media.